Student are the best judge of a teacher – Bangla Khobor

ড. তুহিন সম্রাট – উপদেষ্টা, বাংলা খবর।

A Bangladeshi student, studied in Sultanate of Oman and completed her A level education successfully there. After that her evaluation towards teachers is remarkable to me. From her expression both teacher and student can be inspired. With that hope, I have just copied and pested her letter below.

Today I take opportunity to thank all of my teachers 😊starting from primary school to University. Iwas and I m blessed with wonderfull personalities who are real heroes to me…there are many teachers around the world..but I will say that all students are not lucky enough to get such enthusiastic teachers who teaches not from textbook but from heart,who encourages students to bring out their best,who can make a boring maths class with full of fun by saying lots of stories and jokes and saying that Mathematics is nothing but a funny game (Dr. Zahidul islam sir,whose fatherly love towards students is unconditional which is highly appreciable) ,who can simplify mathematical theories and grab students attention towards evolution, who can make students read each and every pages of biology book as if they are imagining themselves through it,who can motivate us to learn boring chemistry formulas, who can make even a bangla class feel like a stage of drama, subjects like English become fear with fun with some teachers..

I never dreamed of graduating from an international school like Bangladesh school muscat..cause I thought it was not my cup of tea as my primary schooling were from bangla medium..and I missed one year…. But what I knew was that I wanted to learn..but that wouldn’t possible if I would not get a bunch of teachers who motivated and encouraged me everytime when I was about to fall… Who believed at me without even knowing my potential.. and that was the asset.. I started to believe at myself and got courage to jump on every opportunity . I m really thankful towards my school that is Bangladesh school muscat in Oman.. I m also thankful towards all the teachers who boosted me, who showed me correct ways,Who tought me to set up a goal.. And yes then I got an aim in life.. I moved on and I succeed.. Alhamdulillah..

When you enter into a new world with lots of fear with your subject. …..a subject like microbiology.. .. a teacher is the only person who makes this unknown world known to you with lots of care,responsibility and affections 😊their hardwork,encouragement, cooperation at any situation, their philosophy to make you best human begin neither measurable nor forgetable.

I m really thankful to Almighty for sending such blessings to my life without whom I may not be the girl today I m…
I would like to stay their student till my last breath.. learn alot…and follow their footsteps..

Due to distances and lack of communications we become detache… but lesson we learned from them are unforgettable..
… Teaching is the best and noble occupation in this world….

Thank you all for your contribution and immense hardwork towards making this world.